Be prepared. Avoiding puncture rage in 4 (or 5) easy steps.

There’s nothing worse than hearing that tell-tale hissing sound while you’re out for a spin. Even worse if it’s raining. Altogether rage inducing  if it’s both wheels.

So, in the words of those boys with the weird hand-shakes and long ties, the scouts, not bankers; “be prepared”

Here’s what I carry.

  • 1 spare tube in my back pocket
  • 1 spare tube, 2 gas canister and 2 tyre levers in my saddle bag.
  • Phone. Luckily these days pretty much everyone has one of those.
  • Money. €5 will do. This is a hangover of times when you would have to find a pay phone  but it’s still very useful for when you hit the wall.

I don’t take a mini-pump, purely because you can never pump tyres up to any decent pressure with them. The gas canisters not only get the job done much better, but also much quicker. Again, really handy in the rain.

I take 2 tubes not because I’m pessimistic ;-) but for those times when I’m really having a “good” day and I get a flat in both tyres.

On that subject, to limit the number of punctures you have to fix in a single spin, make sure to feel the inside of the tyre before you replace the tube and pump it up again. Small pieces of glass / debris can get lodged on the inside of the tyre and puncture the new tube.

The best way to avoid getting unnecessary punctures  is to always keep an eye on the road. Generally about 5-10m ahead of you, so that you have time to avoid any glass, potholes, stones and anything else lying in the road after a big Saturday night.

And remember, if you’re out with other, make sure to warn them as well.

Here’s hoping you’re  puncture free and the road  as smooth, silky and grit free as your newly shaven legs.




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