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Be prepared. Avoiding puncture rage in 4 (or 5) easy steps.

There’s nothing worse than hearing that tell-tale hissing sound while you’re out for a spin. Even worse if it’s raining. Altogether rage inducing  if it’s both wheels. So, in the words of those boys with the weird hand-shakes…

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Is it rude to use that word this soon ?

The days are short, and for most, that means hopping on the old IDT to “keep the legs going” I’m not sure I can call myself lucky, but I’ve never had too much of a problem motivating myself to use…

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Where did the name come from ?

Gianni Ponzi - Optimistic Cyclist

I always feel as if I can accomplish something on the bike even when clearly, I can’t. Go for a spin of 30km (almost) after 5+ years with zero exercise and a fat belly form eating too many jambons …

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