Making the most of wind

Not the dodgy kind coming out of your behind :-D. The one created by mother nature.

It would be very difficult to find a cyclist who hasn’t experienced a day when they’ve had to crawl their way home in what feels like a raging storm. Ok, sometimes it probably is a raging storm.

So how can you make the most of the conditions ?

Before heading out;

  • check the wind direction
  • online weather charts
  • look at the tree tops.
  • Bonus tip. Wind turbines face into the oncoming wind.

Plan to head out against the wind when your still fresh and return home with the wind.

Use natural barriers to your advantage. Hedges are great for protection in even the windiest conditions. Just MIND THE GAPS. Any break in the hedge, gates for example, will allow the wind through and if you’re not keeping an eye out, it can catch you out. Especially with deep section rims.

Taking your hands off the bars at this time could lead to an interesting experience :-)

Sometimes, especially if you live in a flat area, you can use the wind as a training aid. Do your hard efforts into the wind to simulate climbs. It can also be very useful during intervals or tt simulation if the wind is steady and not gusting. It can help to teach you pacing.

In a race, and if you’re a strong rider, you can use the wind to put others “in the gutter” and force a selection.

If you don’t race, you can sit at the back during a sportive / cycling group and enjoy the shelter. It won’t make you any fitter (or popular) though :-).

The trick is to learn to enjoy the wind and use it to your advantage.

What tips do you have for cycling in windy conditions ?

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