Is it rude to use that word this soon ?

The days are short, and for most, that means hopping on the old IDT to “keep the legs going”

I’m not sure I can call myself lucky, but I’ve never had too much of a problem motivating myself to use one. But there are a few things I do to make it more appealing.

I have everything really close to hand. Phone, remote control, fan controller, water, towel (very important) and anything else that will otherwise give me an excuse to get off every 5 minutes.

Decent music / films / training videos / apps, depending on the workout. If you’re in for a hard session of intervals, then something to keep pace to e.g. Tour de France or Sufferfest video will work best. If it’s a steady effort, you can easily watch a film. Or a Tour de France / Sufferfest video :-)

If you’re on an easy day, I feel for you. These are the hardest days by far. Trundling along for an hour is the epitome of boredom. But you can easily fix that by watching a film, Tour de France or……Sufferfest video!

Don’t forget to place an old towel or that neon yellow retro jersey from the 90s on the floor to soak up the buckets of sweat. Wiping the bike down after use is also recommended :-)

I also do one other thing which might seem a bit odd and counter-intuitive. I leave the heating on in the room.

My reason is the following;

I still get hot even with the heating off, so of course like everyone else, I switch on the fan and/or open the window.

But in the middle of winter, I just found the air to be too cold whenever the fan came around and then I’d heat up again when it turned away. Having the fan blowing air on me full time would be too cold.

So, with the heating ON, the result is that the room is around 18C degrees and with the fan on me all the time, it’s like I’m cycling outdoors in the Irish summer. Perfect :-D

If you find the room a little too hot, you could open the window just a little.

Try it and let me know what you think and I’d love to hear how you manage your relationship with your IDT :-D

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