My stupid earphones keep falling out..

I’m not a fan of listening to music while out cycling, for a few reason really.

I get bombarded every day with music, tv programs and constant messaging from online sources, that I just like to “switch off” , no pun intended, when I’m on the bike.

I DO though wear my earphones in case someone, aka the wife :-) , is trying to call me.

While it’s not a huge issue, from time to time they do fall out and it’s really annoying. I can imagine this must occur even more often if you’re a runner.

Two clever guys, Helmut Wyzisk and Jeff Becker, have created an really cool “add on” for your earphones called Earhoox. It’s a silicone “wrapper” for your earphones, which fits neatly inside your ear and stops the erphones from falling out.


The Earhoox site claims the following:

Secure Fit

No matter the activity or condition, Earhoox keep your earbuds in place so you can move with your music.


Earhoox stretch to perfectly fit any circular earbud, including all Apple models and most other popular brands.


The ultra soft, durable silicone provides a comfortable fit, even after frequent and extended use.


I think this is a really simple but really clever product which should do incredibly well in the leisure market. I could see it being branded as well and being handed out at marathons / sporting events and possibly even as company give-aways as it’s a really useful product.

The Earhoox can be used on both ear bud style earphones and the new EarPods by Apple.


Let me know what you think!

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