Mango Bikes

Fixie Fix – Mango Bikes

Fixie Friday time :-) This week’s bikes come from Mango Bikes. Founded by Ben and Jezz in 2012 to sell bikes to students, the company quickly progressed to manufacturing their own bikes. Their product range is super cool, with some lovely models such as “The Bumblebee” and the stylish “Classy Black” They have  a cool bike builder  wizard Read More

New cycling product hoping to snap up backers on Kickstarter

There’s an interesting new product that’s been recently added to Kickstarter. Cycle Snap is a simple idea for parking your bicycle. Apart from the quick and easy setup and ease of use, their main focus seems to be the space savings that the Cycle Snap provides when use vertically. Bicycles are awkward things and I Read More

Sandwich Bikes

Fixie Fix – Sandwich bikes

This Friday’s fixie is pretty unique. While it does come in a flat packed box and I could make a comparison to a well know Swedish furniture company but I doubt the makers of this bicycle would appreciate it. This fixie, as the name suggests,  is built from wooden “plates” with a stabilising structure “sandwiched” Read More

Mint Fixie

Fixie Fix – Black beauty by Mint Fixies

It’s #fixiefriday time! Today’s fixie is a gorgeous black number by Mint Fixies. Their site says “Each bicycle is built with heaps of love and happiness.”  and they certainly look like they are! They further say “Mint Fixies have been born out of the idea to give life more color. We have made it our Read More