My stupid earphones keep falling out..

I’m not a fan of listening to music while out cycling, for a few reason really. I get bombarded every day with music, tv programs and constant messaging from online sources, that I just like to “switch off” , no pun intended, when I’m on the bike. I DO though wear my earphones in case someone, Read More

Underground parking for your bicycle

A Spanish company has an ingenious product which not only offers a secure option for your bicycle but it also has the side-effect of keeping pavements clear of parked bicycles. ma-SISTEMAS, s.l. are the creators of the Bicberg, and underground parking system for bicycles. The system works with a microchip card, like a bank card Read More

The bicycle that purifies your air

A Thai company, Lightfog Creative Design, has created a design for a bicycle that has an additional health benefit. It filters the air while you’re cycling. While cycling, air is drawn through the CO2 and dust filter at the front of the bicycle and then released at the back of the handlebars. Furthermore, the frame can also produce Read More