Is it rude to use that word this soon ?

The days are short, and for most, that means hopping on the old IDT to “keep the legs going” I’m not sure I can call myself lucky, but I’ve never had too much of a problem motivating myself to use one. But there are a few things I do to make it more appealing. I have everything Read More

Gift ideas for your inner cyclist.

With the (sorry) Christmas period speeding towards us, people are naturally thinking of possible gifts for their family, friends or even themselves :-) There are some very unusual and useful cycling related items out there and I’ll be posting details of some of the ones I find interesting. First up is the Bamboo Bike Wall Clock Read More

Gianni Ponzi - Optimistic Cyclist

Where did the name come from ?

I always feel as if I can accomplish something on the bike even when clearly, I can’t. Go for a spin of 30km (almost) after 5+ years with zero exercise and a fat belly form eating too many jambons  while driving 3hrs to work an back every day. What’s wrong with that ?  Nothing. But I Read More