Be prepared. Avoiding puncture rage in 4 (or 5) easy steps.

There’s nothing worse than hearing that tell-tale hissing sound while you’re out for a spin. Even worse if it’s raining. Altogether rage inducing  if it’s both wheels. So, in the words of those boys with the weird hand-shakes and long ties, the scouts, not bankers; “be prepared” Here’s what I carry. 1 spare tube in Read More

Gift ideas for your inner cyclist.

With the (sorry) Christmas period speeding towards us, people are naturally thinking of possible gifts for their family, friends or even themselves :-) There are some very unusual and useful cycling related items out there and I’ll be posting details of some of the ones I find interesting. First up is the Bamboo Bike Wall Clock Read More

Do you have a power meter ?

I work in the IT industry and I’m a bit of a gadget freak. I think I was one of the first to try out a power meter in this neck of the woods back in 2008. A PowerTap, which people genuinely asked me if it was a dynamo. The PowerTap helped to really spread the word Read More

My stupid earphones keep falling out..

I’m not a fan of listening to music while out cycling, for a few reason really. I get bombarded every day with music, tv programs and constant messaging from online sources, that I just like to “switch off” , no pun intended, when I’m on the bike. I DO though wear my earphones in case someone, Read More

Mango Bikes

Fixie Fix – Mango Bikes

Fixie Friday time :-) This week’s bikes come from Mango Bikes. Founded by Ben and Jezz in 2012 to sell bikes to students, the company quickly progressed to manufacturing their own bikes. Their product range is super cool, with some lovely models such as “The Bumblebee” and the stylish “Classy Black” They have  a cool bike builder  wizard Read More

New cycling product hoping to snap up backers on Kickstarter

There’s an interesting new product that’s been recently added to Kickstarter. Cycle Snap is a simple idea for parking your bicycle. Apart from the quick and easy setup and ease of use, their main focus seems to be the space savings that the Cycle Snap provides when use vertically. Bicycles are awkward things and I Read More