What type of bicycle should I buy ?

So you’ve decided you want to start cycling. But like any person getting into a new sport, you’re confused by the jargon and conflicting information. These days with the help of Google and the rise in popularity of cycling, it’s a lot easier and hopefully some of the info below will also be of help. Read More

Be prepared. Avoiding puncture rage in 4 (or 5) easy steps.

There’s nothing worse than hearing that tell-tale hissing sound while you’re out for a spin. Even worse if it’s raining. Altogether rage inducing  if it’s both wheels. So, in the words of those boys with the weird hand-shakes and long ties, the scouts, not bankers; “be prepared” Here’s what I carry. 1 spare tube in Read More

5 ways to save energy and finish stronger

There’s nothing worse than seeing your local cycling group, slowly ease away from you. For a while you try and stick with them, yo-yoing off the back, until eventually they creep away at such a seemingly slow pace, that your brains says it should be easy to get back on. Your legs say something completely Read More

Is it rude to use that word this soon ?

The days are short, and for most, that means hopping on the old IDT to “keep the legs going” I’m not sure I can call myself lucky, but I’ve never had too much of a problem motivating myself to use one. But there are a few things I do to make it more appealing. I have everything Read More

Staying dry (ish) in the rain.

I don’t really like the rain. I’m fine with a downpour but that non-stop drizzle that gets in everywhere and goes on for weeks (feels like weeks anyway), really bugs me. Strangely though, I don’t mind cycling in the rain. When I was racing, the concentration would generally block everything out. Knowing that most of Read More

Making the most of wind

Not the dodgy kind coming out of your behind :-D. The one created by mother nature. It would be very difficult to find a cyclist who hasn’t experienced a day when they’ve had to crawl their way home in what feels like a raging storm. Ok, sometimes it probably is a raging storm. So how Read More